Cool Weather Welcomed In Montalcino Where Vegetative Cycle Is 3 Weeks Early

The inclement weather which has struck Italy since Saturday has brought cold, snow, and rain, also in Montalcino.

The snow has begun falling again falling on the Mt. Amiata, while here in Sant'Angelo in Colle we have had some light rains.

The temperatures have descended acutely, with minimums of +5° C. and maximums of +10° C.

This has not caused not harm to the vegetation of the olive trees or to the buds of the vines that have begun in part to open.

Rain tuscany vintage 2014

The important thing about this acute drop of temperature is that of stopping the vegetation which is at least three weeks early with respect to the norm.

The important thing would be that the minimum temperature were not to drop to around 0° because this would cause serious harm to the vineyards and the olive trees.

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