Wine Pricing

Rich the author of Wine Imbiber recently commented on our blog asking if recent hail damage will affect pricing of our 2008 Brunello. It is really hard to say what impact the hail damage will have on pricing. First of all, it is important to note that the harvest has not yet begun and we will not know what the final results will be until after harvest has ended (we expect to harvest in mid-September but that is not for sure).

But it is also important to remember that many many factors go into the price of wines on the market. At Il Poggione we keep our pricing very consistent year in and year out, but other factors will effect the final price of a wine, like shipping costs and exchange rate for example.

Today I read this post by a really interesting wine blogger, On the wine trail in Italy, which gives information about what it is like to sell Italian wine in the U.S.A.

Thank you Rich for the question and please check back for Montalcino Report. I will be posting updates on the harvest as soon as it begins.

Thank you also Terry Hughes: please let us know when you plan to be in Montalcino. We enjoy your Mondo Sapore.

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