Wild Orchids In The Vineyards

Wild orchids
Last week, we had some heavy rainfall that has defied the risk of drought. The temperatures had lowered by many degrees and in the mornings we had minimum temperatures of 6-8° C.

A springtime day followed the rain as did a notable increase of temperatures and fair weather.

The vegetation of the vineyards had been stopped because of the cold but it is now restarted and is growing.

We have made a first treatment of the vines utilizing an oxycloride of copper and dissolvable sulfur.

Walking through the vines to monitor their health status, I have happened upon wild orchid plants in the middle of a vineyard. This made me very happy because it is a sign that the attention we have paid to the environment utilizing low environmental-impact products is giving excellent results (photo above).

Moreover, after the works for planting new vines, we are re-naturalizing the embankments with types of plants that come from the Mediterranean maquis so as to have an alternation between vines, crops, and strips of forest that divide the fields from one another and create refuge and shelter for the animals (photo below).

Fabrizio Bindocci, winemaker

Mediterranean maquis

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