Weather Update: Hoping for the Sun to Come

Acini 6.8.16

In the last week the weather has been variable and 30 mm of rain has fallen between June 2nd and June 6th. Yesterday we had a full sunny day with high temperatures reaching 27°C. For the next few days rain is in the forecast, but after that we hope that  stable sunny weather will come to help the grapes grow.  Experts have forecasted warm and dry summer months ahead, so the abundant rain of the last week will be a very useful reserve for the coming summer season.

Despite the frequent rain the vines are in a good state and the size of the grapes is normal.  The rain also causes the vegetation on the vines to grow rapidly: we are now working in the vineyards polling the vines to keep the canopy trimmed and neat.

Cimatrice 6.8.16

Photo: The vines being polled in the vineyard.

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