Weather Update: More Snow But We Are Fortunate

Tuscan snow

After the "beautiful day" of yesterday, this morning we have awoken with very cold temperatures — 3° C. and snow accompanied by strong wind.

This new wave of bad weather that is impacting all of the Tuscany and other parts of Italy originates in the Balkans and had been pre-announced. And the population has been advised not to take any trips except for cases of absolute necessity.

We continue to work in the cellar and in the office, while the works in the fields are stopped because of the cold and the snow. A part from the inconveniences that the snow brings for the problems of traffic and other things, it's important to remember an old farmer's proverb: "under the snow the bread, under the rain the hunger."

This is because the snow would cover the plains seeded with grain and it would protect them while excessive rain would make them die. And what's more is that the snow cleans the plants of fungal diseases, like sooty mold.

In Italy there has been a fall and a beginning of winter with little rainfall, so little that in many cities the water was rationed. With these abundant snowfalls, the earth is filling up with water and even the springs will feel the positive impact of this.

Today, after seeing the television newscasts that showed that which was happening in Italy in the center-south, we must once again consider ourselves fortunate. It is snowing but in acceptable quantities, which helps us without creating damages to things or persons.

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