Weather Update 2012: “A Little Bit Crazy” Springtime

Springtime tuscany
This year it's been for roughly two months that we have been having a "little bit crazy" spring where in just a few hours, the temperatures pass from 30° C. to 18° C. and there is snow on the mountains. It seems that we will have to wait until the end of the month in order to have fair weather.

Also yesterday, as it happens almost every day, in the afternoon it began to rain and it continued for all the night and even the morning of today. The forecasts predict rain also for today and tomorrow, with temperatures of 5° C. below the seasonal averages: more than a springtime, it seems as if we have returned to the autumn. Beginning in the middle of next week, it seems that the fair weather will return with temperatures rising and in line with seasonal averages.

The countryside had and still has need of the rain which has been missing in the autumn and in the winter. But this continuous inclement weather, especially with the great amount of rain here, is slowing our works and is creating health problems for the plants with the risk of developing fungal diseases like peronospora and oidium. And for this reason, the necessity of enacting numerous treatments together with the lowering of the temperatures and the rain, these elements could compromise the setting of the grapes and the olives in the vegetative cycle.

One meteorologist has compared the climate of the beginning of this year to that of 1985: if it were thus, this year we would have a five-star vintage — something that wouldn't be such a bad thing!

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