Fair Weather Continues In Montalcino, Ideal For Ripening Of The Grapes

After the summer closing — ten days saddled over the Ferragosto holiday — we have returned to work.

Fair weather continues in Montalcino.

The inclement weather that has struck the north of Italy and northern Tuscany has not arrived here where we are. And the climate is giving us a great help in moving forward the ripening of our grapes.

The temperatures are below the seasonal averages (min. 13° C., max. 26° C.) but in recent days they have begun to increase.

This morning the minimum temperature at 7:00 a.m. was 18° C.

A light breeze blows and takes away the clouds that were arriving from the sea. And according to the forecast, fair weather should last yet for a long time here.

This is ideal for the ripening of the grapes.

We are continuing the pruning of the vines situated above 300 meters in altitude and we are also removing leaves near to the bunches to allow them to aerate better and to "put them under the sun" so as to keep them healthy with attacks of Botrytis cinearea.

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