Weather Report: The Up And Down Spring Continues

Before and during the Easter, the long awaited rain has turned around Montalcino. Finally on Wednesday, it has rained here where we are. It’s the beginning of an anomalous spring in which the rain has been missing. Since March we have had high temperatures, much above the average while now we have low temperatures with rain but also snow on Mt. Amiata.

The snowfall has not compromised the vegetation because the temperatures have not gone below the thermal zero but have stopped at 2° C.

In the coming days, this up and down climatic progression will still continue.

The estate has finished training the pruned vines using the double Guyot system and we are now working on the pruning of the olive trees. The works in the vineyards were all done in such a way that the rain, when it came, penetrated the soil without losing not even a drop.

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