Weather Report: Heavy Snow Friday and Saturday, Roads Blocked

Neve 4
Today, Monday 13 February, we have returned to work in the cellar and in the office. 

The snowfall of Friday, continued to Saturday morning, has covered the terrain with about 30/40 cm of snow. And in certain points, also cause by the wind, it has created some "snow dunes" as high as 100 cm.

The village of Sant'Angelo in Colle Saturday morning has awaken covered with snow and with great problems of transportation caused by the accumulation of snow and ice.

The workers and the means of the commune were not in the possibility of intervening in all the hamlets and for this reason, the youngest among us have been armed with shovels and we have opened the roads to allow everyone to be able to go out from their houses and move at least to go to the one food store to do the shopping.

The same situation for the internal road that carries from Sant'Angelo in Colle to our cellar and our offices, for which we have outfitted one of our tractors with snow chains and a snow plow and we have cleaned the street of the 30/40 cm of snow that was blocking the transit.

The snow will last in the fields yet for many days, at least if it does not rain and melt it. Otherwise, the sun is unable to melt it because of the low temperatures.

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