Weather Report: Anomalous Warm Weather Can Damage the Vine

Almond blossom
While the cold and the snow of early February must be considered something anomalous, the temperatures of these days is instead something "almost normal" that happens often in the month of February, even if the temperatures of 15-20° C. in this period are surely atypical for this season.

Sunday afternoon, we have had rains of brief intensity, accompanied by strong wind, with a notable lowering of the temperature. This morning we arose still with wind and temperatures of 4° C.

This climatic progression, so changeable, is certainly not favorable to our health and to the good progression of the countryside inasmuch as the plants "feel" the increasing temperatures and they come out of the vegetative dormancy. The consequences could be that the anticipated vegetative renewals can make it happen that a late frost can make big damages to the vine.

In the meantime, the damages of the snowfall begin to be seen on the olive trees (see the photo below). Fortunately, the trees in the photo are not ours.

It is interesting to see an almond tree in the vicinity of Sant'Angelo in Colle which in this period always blossoms (above).

Damaged olive tree

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