Weather Report: Anomalous Ups And Downs

Also this year the climatic progression has been full of ups and downs (and that's putting it gently). We have had at least once a week rains of medium intensity of 20-25 millimeters and temperatures much above the average with highs that grazed 30° C.

Yesterday it has rained with strong, cold winds that have lowered the minimum temperature all the way to 6° C., anomalous for this period.

In the last days, the combination of rains and high temperatures have made for the development of not only the vegetation of the vines and for this year, we were forced to intervene by enacting anti-fungal treatments against peronospora and oidium. But the combination has also caused the grasses to develop.

In this perspective, because we are forced to contain its growth, we are cutting the grasses in the connected inter rows and the other inter rows as well. (Photos above and below.)

The grasses are important because in the springtime period, they allow us to have in the vineyard an accessible surface for the tractors also in the case of abundant rainfall and ofr this reason it gives us the possibility to enter into the vineyard to make the treatments. (Photo below.)


In the new vineyards, with the perspective of a minimal or even zero utilization of degrassing, the weeds are still removed utilizing manual labor with the plough. (Photo below.)

In the vineyards, the work of topping the buds is done by hand while the machines remove those that have grown on the trunks. (Photo below.)


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