Vineyard Update: Substituting the Vines

As we do every year, we are substituting the vines that have been affected by the mal dell’esca disease or that have been cut by machineries during work in the fields. We are substituting the sick and injured vines with vines of our own Sangiovese.02.19.15 Post - Sangiovese Plantings

To get the Sangiovese vines ready to plant, we put them in vases to grow the roots, which allows a faster development of the vine. 

02.19.15 Post - Sangiovese Roots
02.19.15 Post - Sangiovese Vines
This is an expensive operation, but it is necessary to maintain the production of our 30 years old vineyards. Older vineyards give grapes and wine with a much higher quality than younger vineyards, so we are very careful about maintaining the health of our vineyards as they get older.

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