Vineyard Update: Spollonatura and Good Signs in the Vineyards

Our workers are currently working in the vineyards for the “spollonatura”: it is an operation through which we remove from the vine the buds born along the trunk and we reduce the number of buds that will produce grapes. This is a very important operation because it allows us to reduce the production of grapes early in the season, concentrating vine nutrients toward the remaining buds, and helps to define the pattern for next year’s vegetating process.

05.06.15 Post - Spollonatura Comparison

While walking through the vineyards for a phytosanitary check, I found a small hare, semi hidden. The mother hare probably ran away when she heard me coming, leaving the small hare. She came back later to find him, as I had the chance to notice. It is very important to find such animals in the vineyards; it is a sign of sustainable vineyard management, which is a top priority for Il Poggione.

05.06.15 Post - Hare

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