Vineyard Update: Pruning in the New Year

After the Christmas holidays we are back to work in the vineyards. At the moment we are pruning the vines, which traditionally happens around this time of year.

1.16.16 Pruning 2

The weather is concerning to all the farmers. The winter has been mild so far with scarce rainfalls. Yesterday it seemed like it rained a lot, but according to the hydrometer only 1 inch (27 mm) of rain fell. This reminds me of another vintage, 1984, when prepared the soil to plant new vineyards in January because it was very dry.

Forecasts say the next few days will be characterized by temperature drops combined with the north wind of Tramontana, so no rain. We’ll see and take whatever the sky gives to us, as farmers have been doing for centuries.

Meanwhile, it has snowed on the Mount Amiata.

1.16.16 Pruning



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