Vineyard Update: Little Rain and Mild Temperatures

The Favino we sowed in October is growing and we have finished all the work in the vineyards. We are now focusing on preparing and shipping all the orders at our warehouse.

12.11.15 Post - Favino Beans

Since the end of October, we have had strange weather: as you can see below, there has been very little rain.

12.11.15 Post - Rainfall

Temperatures have been above average over the past two months. Only a few days, in the second half of November, have been characterized by low temperatures just above 32°F (0°C).

12.11.15 Post - Temperatures

During the winter, it is important to have rain so that the soil absorbs the water to be used in the drier periods of the year; it is also important that temperatures go below 32°F (0°C) so that insects and parasites are killed and the vine can start again in the spring with new and healthy vegetation. The cold is, in a way, a natural antibiotic.

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