Vineyard Update: Blooming in the Il Poggione Vineyards

vite 1

photo 1

After the bad weather last week, including rain and hail in neighboring areas, the sunny, warm weather has come back. The growing process of the vines has slowed down due to the decrease in temperatures, but has now started to speed up again.

Several bunches are in the withering phase (photo 1) and we can see the grapes already formed. It is common to find many different kinds of grapes within one bunch: some that are still closed, some that are blooming, and some that are withering.


photo 2

The olive trees are also blooming (photo 2). Considering the number of flowers, the olive production should be abundant this year. However, the blooming of olive trees is very delicate: sudden changes of temperatures, wind or rain may destroy the flowers. However, to have an abundant olive harvest, it is enough if 10% of the flowers set.

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