Veraison Has Begun In Montalcino

This morning, on the 21st of July, the sky threatened to rain. But perhaps the strong Scirocco wind manages to carry the clouds and make them rain in other parts in Tuscany.

The weather was good last week. We had sunny, windy days, with maximum temperatures up to 32° C. and nightly minimums that went down to 18° C. Ideal temperatures with excellent temperature variation for the ripening of the grapes.

We have begun to find the first grape berries that are going through veraison and this is a good sign.

The water accumulated in the soil, together with the high temperatures, is causing the vines to grow abundant vegetation. In order to allow the plants to develop their bunches and to ripen their grapes, we must "block" the development of the vegetation and this is obtained by continuously topping (trimming the canopy of) the vines.

Trimming vine canopy

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