Vegetarian Friendly Clarification For Our Wines

Vegetarian Friendly Clarification For Our Wines

In the interest and in the protection of consumers of our wine, the Tenuta Il Poggione has chosen not to use substances derived from milk or eggs for the clarification of its white or rosé wines.

We utilize instead a new generation machine that allows for, through the use of nitrogen, “inverse” clarification.

To be more specific, traditionally, in the process of separating the solids from the must, milk- and egg-derived substances were utilized. They would bind themselves to the solids and fall to the bottom of the vats, thus allowing them to be extracted from the limpid must. Thanks to this new system, the bubbles of glass that come from the machine bind themselves to the solid particles and they carry them to the top of the fermentation vat, thus making the underlying must limpid.

In doing so, not only does the must ferment in absence of the solids, thus avoiding the formation of undesired aromas, but it also betters and exalts the extraction of typical aromas of the wines that we are going to produce.

In the end, a factor not to undervalue: we avoid the utilization of allergens, like those found is egg- and milk-derived substances, and we make our wines suitable for vegetarian consumers. At the termination of fermentation, in order to make the wine limpid, we utilize cold temperature followed by light filtering before bottling.

At the end of last week, temperatures dropped notably here in Sant’Angelo, with a minimum of 13° C. in the morning. On Friday morning, there was no rain and so we picked some of the Sangiovese for our most young wines. At 10 a.m. however it began to rain and so we interrupted the harvest.

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