Understanding Brunello terroir with Google Earth part II

Here is part II of the post of yesterday.


The image above is a detail from the appellation map in the post of yesterday.


The satellite photo above evidences Tenuta Il Poggione to the south of Sant'Angelo in Colle, which is situated at 400 meters above sea level. The Yellow Pin evidences where our "tenuta" is situated. As you can see in the image, our vineyards like at just below 400 meters above sea level and they benefit from south and southwest exposure. These two factors are very important for growing grapes for great Brunello like ours.


This is a three dimensional image viewing Sant'Angelo in Colle and Tenuta Il Poggione from the south. As is evidenced in the image, our "tenuta" and vineyards are located on the slope that descends from Sant'Angelo in Colle. 

In the next coming post, I will speak of the rapport between Mount Amiata to the south and the nearness to the Thyrrenian Sea. 

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