Harvest 2014 coming to a close

Saturday, we began picking Sangiovese in our estate’s highest-elevation vineyards, which are situated at 400 a.s.l.

The weather has been ideal, with sunshine and a north wind that keeps the fruit dry. The low was 14° C. and the high 25°.

We are still working in the vineyards today and if everything goes as planned, we should be done with the harvest tomorrow.

Dropping fruit tuscany vineyards
As you can see in the photo above, we had to discard a lot of unhealthy bunches in order to achieve high quality in our wines this year. It’s always tough for a grape grower to “drop” so much fruit but we have very high standards for our wines.

Tuscan pomegranate
Grapes aren’t the only fruit we’re harvesting right now. Pomegrantes (above) and quince (below) are some of the other typical fruits that ripen during the grape harvest period.

Tuscan quince fruit


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