The Picking And Pressing Of The Olives At The Tenuta Il Poggione

As has been the custom for some years now, immediately after the harvest we begin the operations for the picking of the olives.

We try to begin early, in such a way as to obtain oils rich in polyphenols that, beyond being good for the organism, are an antioxidant that will allow the oil to have a long life.

After the olives are hand-picked, they are put into crates and taken to the weighing center.

Olive harvest tuscany
Then, but however in the most brief time possible, they are taken to the olive press where the phase of elaboration begins.

The olive are transfered to a hopper.

And then, with a conveyor belt, they arrive at the washer.

In the washer, they are washed with potable water.

Then, they are transferred to the press.

Following this, the olive paste is transferred to a scutching machine, where by means of a blade, it is stirred in such a way so as to amalgamate the particles of oil to one another.

This will facilitate, later, the operation of separation of the oil from the solids. 

At the end of the operation, the decanter divides the water from the oil.

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