Tuscan Rainbow And An Old Tuscan Proverb

Tuscan rainbow
The inclement weather that was coming from Siberia has dumped snow over all of Central Europe.

Here in Italy, it has only dumped rain for now.

As always, luckily for us, here in Sant'Angelo in Colle, the rain was little and of brief intensity. In fact, we have only had 16 mm of rainfall.

In this moment, the rain only creates problems impeding our work. We have had the good fortune that the rain has fallen during the night and during the day, we have continued to do the typical works of this period (binding the vines and pruning the olive trees).

It was also the time for the organic manuring but because of the soils being very wet, these works will be postponed.

This morning at 8 a.m., when we have arrived at the office, we have photographed this rainbow. According to an old Tuscan proverb, "when there is a rainbow in the morning, there will be light rain all day".

But this forecast has not come true. And we are continuing to work in the fields.

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