Trattoria il Pozzo in Sant’Angelo in Colle, classic Val d’Orcia food


Trattoria Il Pozzo
Piazza del Pozzo 2
Sant’Angelo in Colle

0577 844015

This post is the first in a series of great places to eat and taste Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino in Montalcino and Sant’Angelo in Colle.

Our village, Sant’Angelo in Colle, is situated at about 450 meters a.s.l. (that’s one of the reasons it’s such a great place to grow Sangiovese because the high altitude helps to cool the fruit on the vine at night times). It’s a tiny village, there are just a few places to dine there, and they all serve traditional Col d’Orcia foods. 

One of our favorites is the classic Tuscany Trattoria Il Pozzo, located across the “pozzo” or “well” square across from where I live with my family. 


At Il Pozzo, you can have traditional dishes like the Pinci ai funghi in the photo above. Pinci are classic hand-rolled long noodles, made with just flour and salt and water. Some people like to say that this is an example of “cucina povera” or “poor cuisine” but to us there is no better food to eat. You can have the Pinci also with “ragù” or “meat sauce” and sometimes the ragù is made from wild boar.


The inside of Trattoria il Pozzo is very simple and the food and wine list are excellent. We like to go there and order our Brunello and the Bistecca fiorentina, the most famous pairing for our wine. Bistecca fiorentina is made from meat from “Chianina” cows, very large beasts that are slaughtered young to make the steaks. The meat is always served rare and charred on the outside. 

Trattoria Il Pozzo is open for lunch and dinner but it is closed on Tuesdays.

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