Trattoria Il Leccio in Sant’Angelo in Colle, great wine list with classic Tuscan and Italian foods


Il Leccio
Via Costa Castellare 1
Sant'Angelo In Colle
0577 844176

Another great place to eat, and another of our favorites in Sant'Angelo in Colle our village, is Trattoria Il Leccio. The word "leccio" means "holm oak" in Italian, from the Latin "ilex", and, in fact, the toponym Montalcino comes from a combination of "monte" or "mount" and "ilex", in other words, the "holm oak mount". People from Montalcino are called, in fact, "ilcinesi" from the Latin "ilex".

Il Leccio also serves traditional Tuscan cusine but you will find some classic Italian dishes as well and a great wine list, with a lot of wines from many different Brunello producers, including Il Poggione, of course.


"Pappa col pomodoro" is a great Tuscan summertime dish. It is a bread soup made with our characteristic saltless Tuscan "type 00" bread, fresh summertime tomatoes and basil. It is always served tepid or just warm (never hot). It is one of the many dishes in Tuscan cooking that make use of "yesterday's bread", in other words, stale bread from the day before. It is usually topped with drizzled extra virgin olive oil.


Another favorite at Il Leccio is "zucchine in three ways" (above), stuffed, fried, and with fried zucchine flowers — a classic springtime Tuscan cooking dish.


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