Today We Have Begun To Pick The Historic Vineyard Paganelli

Paganelli 1
In the last days, the weather has been fair, ventilated (by a northern wind) and Wednesday the day was cloudy all day but it rained in the late afternoon but only 2 mm of rainfall, while around Siena it rained for 4 hours.

The maximum temperatures arrive at 25° C. while the minimum are around 12-14° C.

Paganelli 2
Today we are picking the grapes from the vineyard I Paganelli, our historic vineyard that produces grapes of excellent quality even in difficult vintages. And, again, this year it has not betrayed our expectations.

The grapes are at the right point of ripening, healthy, with plump berries that denote that they have not been suffered stress from heat or drought.

This year, again, we are satisfied. We will decide later whether or not to make a riserva or to put the wine into the vintage bottling.

Paganelli 3

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