This Will Not Be An Easy Harvest

In these last days, the Maestrale wind is blowing (the northwesterly wind of the Mediterranean). The temperatures during the day arrive at 34° C. while during the sunset they drop even to 20° C.

Here on our estate it has not rained and in certain zones the vines are beginning to show some signs of hydric stress.

We continue to work the soil in the vineyards in order to fine the earth so that the remaining water in the soil will be available to the vines and so that it will not evaporate because of the heat.

We think that it will not be an easy harvest, where we will have to work a lot in order to chose the best grapes for the production of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino at the level of our fame.

We have seen, however, other harvests similar to this one (like the 2003) and we will face this trial as well by giving the best of ourselves.

The grapes are changing color well as they go through the véraison and we are already finding many bunches that have already changed color, surely early with respect to seasonal averages.



The newly planted vines are reacting well to the heat. At the moment, they do not show need of water.


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