The Works Begin Again and Why The Winter Cold Is Important

After the harvest of the olives, the Tenuta Il Poggione stopped the works in the fields, picking up again to work after the mid-point of January. We have purposely not begun the pruning of the vines and the olive trees because the climatic progression has had days more similar to spring than to winter.

The winter cold is very important: it serves to have more buds that fruit than those that turn to wood. But it also serves to make the plants go into and remain in a vegetative state.

Since this did not happen because of the temperatures, the risk is that in a premature reawakening of the vegetation, there can be possible damage in the spring caused by the probable lowering of the temperatures with late frosts.

The delay in pruning the plants serves to slow the vegetative reawakening and this is the logic that has guided us in our work. The current weather is anomalous for the season, even with regard to rainfall. We are very much below the seasonal averages and the rain has yet to be seen. We hope that in the coming days a storm will arrive with rain and a lowering of the temperatures.

Work in the vineyard

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