Almost ready for the 2018 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As usual, after the harvest of the grapes we start picking the olives for the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This vintage is showing very high quality, but low quantities and it will take about 2/3 weeks in total to finish. After the harvest, the olives are... Read more >

The 2018 harvest continues

We have had few days of very nice weather and warm temperatures: this will help the grapes to ripe perfectly and any disease is avoided. Meanwhile we keep harvesting: today we are picking the sangiovese for our Rosè. Here is a video of the grapes arriving at the... Read more >

The 2018 harvest is here

Yesterday we have started  picking the grapes of Sangiovese for our Marchesa Clementina Metodo Classico, so the 2018 harvest has officially started. The weather seems quite stable: the sun is shining and the temperature are quite warm during the day (up to 26°C),... Read more >

Getting ready for harvest 2018

The summer here in Montalcino is proceeding very well; temperatures during the day are not excessively hot (highs are around 32°C) and the nights are cool (lows around 17-18°C), so the weather is good to ensure perfect ripening and balance to the grapes. As you see... Read more >

Celebrations for the Saint Patron of Montalcino

Yesterday  the 300 anniversary of the crowning of the image of the “Madonna del Soccorso”, the Saint Patron of Montalcino, was celebrated It was a big day of Fest  with the holy image that was brought in procession through the streets of the town, accompanied by a big... Read more >


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