The best restaurant in the Montalcino area: Il Silene of Roberto Rossi

When we make an important dinner at Il Poggione, like the dinner we made to taste the old vintages of Il Poggione and Col d’Orcia Brunello di Montalcino in Feburary, we rely on the chef of Il Silene in Seggiano (southeast of Montalcino) Roberto Rossi, whose restaurant is considered by many as the best restaurant in the Montalcino area.

The name “Silene” derives from the name for a flower also called “strigolo” in Italian, called the “Bladder Campion”. This name comes from the ancient name “Silenus” of the accompanier of Bacchus (probably because the flower of the plant looks like the chalice). Silene is also used in the cuisine.

These are the ravioli stuffed with cheese and herbs and topped with the shave black truffles, as is the custom of our cuisine in Toscana. This photo and that below are by the food and wine writer Robin Goldstein (we have found them in his Flickr page).

This is the “cervello in cartoccio”, the “brains in parchment paper”.

When you come to visit the Toscana and Montalcino this summer, we invite you to dine at this amazing restaurant and to know the cuisine of Roberto Rossi, the best chef in our area.

Ristorante Il Silene
Località Pescina
58038 Seggiano (GR)
Tel 0564950805
Fax: 0564950553

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