The beach is not the only place we go during summer holiday: SATURNIA!


Although I love to go to the seaside in the Maremma at Castiglione della Pescaia, another great place to visit during the summer when you are in the wine country of Sant'Angelo and Montalcino is the natural hot springs at Saturnia, not a long a drive from where we live.

The legend is that the Roman god Saturnus launched a lightning bolt when he was angry and that it struck the ground at Saturnia and made these beautiful hot springs and creeks. 


The water is warm all the year around and it is believed that it will help to cure the rheumatoid arthritis. 

It is a beautiful place where young people also like to go during the summertimes. And there are many nice bed and breakfast and other hotels and resorts there as well.

It takes about an hour to get there from our home in Sant'Angelo in Colle.


Happy vacations to everyone! 

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