The 2012 Harvest Has Begun At The Tenuta Il Poggione

Harvest tuscany 1
We have begun harvesting the Pinot Grigio.

We are picking in the coolest hours, staring at 6:00 in the morning and stopping at 12:00. The grapes are at the correct point of ripening.

In the next days, we will proceed to pick the Sangiovese with which we produce our Rosé "Lo Sbrancato" and then will follow the Merlot, which we utilize in a blend with Sangiovese to produce our Rosso di Toscana and the IGT Mazzoni.

Harvest tuscany 2
In the last days, we have had much heat during the daytime. The temperature has arrived to 38/40° C. while during the nighttime it was dropping until 20° C.

The vines are continuing to be resilient but it would be important if it were to rain, as it seems that it will come to pass in the day of Sunday and beyond the rain there should also arrive a noteworthy lowering of the temperatures.

We will really see that which will happen. Up until today, we can affirm that after the 2003 vintage, the 2012 is surely another vintage to remember for its elevated temperatures and its scarce rainfall.

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