The 1933 Description Of The Tenuta Il Poggione

Herewith the translation of the voice for our estate in the Vini Tipici Senesi of 1933. The photo is of Piazza Franceschi where the old winery was and now is our storage and shipping department.

Fattoria Sant'Angelo in Colle

Owner: Honorable Attorney Roberto Franceschi

The above-mentioned estate is situated in the midway hills that surround the hamlet of Sant'Angelo in Colle. Its moderately dense soils are and almost entirely stony are in part Eocene in origin. The farm extends over a total surface area of 500 hectares and is divided into 32 parcels.

The following grape varieties are grown across the estate, listed here in their order of importance beginning with the most important: Brunello, Sangioveto, Trebbiano, and Malvasia. The vines are trained either "married" to acorn trees or along dried stakes, with or without iron wire. The estate is capable of producing an average of  500 quintals of wine annually.

The types of wine exhibited are garnet in color, more or less intense with hints of orange in the older samples. Their flavor is perfectly balanced, the aroma intense and delicious. They fall in the "superior" category intended for pairing with roast meats.

Typically they are sold in demijohns and in flasks and more rarely in kegs or bottles.

The winery is located in the village of Sant'Angelo in Colle and lies 9 kilometers from Montalcino and 9 kilometers from the railway station in Sant'Angelo Cinigiano. Smaller amounts of white wine and vin santo are also produced.

Fotografia piazza franceschi


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