Thanks Benvenuto Brunello New York City


The New York edition of Benvenuto Brunello 2009 was a huge success this year! (Photo by Elsa Ruiz.)

It's always great to be in New York City and see all my friends and meet all the great wine professionals there. Thank yous to everyone who came to taste with me and the other Brunello producers for Bevenuto Brunello 2009 on Wednesday January 28.

Many do not remember that the first edition of Benvenuto Brunello in New York was scheduled for November 2001. After the tragic events of September 11, many food and wine events were cancelled that fall in the City. But in Montalcino it was decided that we should move forward with the event to help support New Yorkers and all the people who work in the wine trade and restaurant business there. And so the first Benvenuto Brunello was held in New York in November 2001. We are so glad that we did: we were received very enthusiastically by our New York sisters and brothers. And we plan to come back every year!

Thank you, again, to everyone who came to taste and meet with us! See you in 2010! 

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