Tasting notes of the 2007 Rosso di Montalcino

Herewith the tasting notes of the 2007 Rosso di Montalcino by Penny's Winerack blog in Knoxville Tennessee. Thanks you Penny for taking of the time to taste and enjoy our wine! 

Rosso di montalcino

Hello everyone!! We just had one of my best efforts ever! Our older son has been staying with us this week while on spring break and is leaving for Atlanta this evening. So, I planned a special "Sunday dinner" for the occasion. We had a truly Tuscan meal. I felt as if I was sitting in a villa in Tuscany enjoying the food and wine while breezes floated in from the vineyards. We had tuscan roast chicken with pancetta and olives, polenta with red pepper and cheese, and broccoli rabe with sausage. The dishes were all complementary without being too similar and the wine was spectacular with the food. I got excited as soon as I saw the color on this wine. It was a deep brick red, not too dark. On the nose there was cherry and vanilla (the oakiness on this wine is really under control and in no way overshadows the wine itself). There were also aromas of licorice and some blueberry and raspberry aromas. The flavor was true to the nose, and this wine had a wonderful silky texture. The tannins were present but soft and well integrated. It had a nice lingering cherry vanilla finish. There were traces of earthiness present. Overall this was a very elegant medium bodied Italian wine. This is an example of why I love Italian wines so much! I got this wine at Total Wines in Atlanta for about $30, and I wish I had more of it. Al suggested getting more and setting it aside for awhile, but this is "ready to drink". It required very little time to open and would probably not benefit from more time in the bottle.

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