Snow falls in Montalcino

At the beginning of last week we got back to the work in the vineyards, where we are now pruning the vines. The end of last year and the beginning of 2017 have been characterized by cold weather and low temperatures: the lows have reached -10°C (14°F) and they have... Read more >

Ideal August Weather

The weather has been really nice during these early days of August. The days are warm, with temperatures up to 33 °C (91.4 F) and cool nights when the temperature goes down to 19°C (66.2 F). Veraison is continuing quickly – every time we walk by a vineyard, the grape... Read more >

Rain breaks the Summer heat

After a period of intense hot weather without rain, yesterday evening  the rain finally came (photo). When temperatures are very high and it then rains, there is the risk of hail storms with the risks and damage it could bring. We have been lucky as it only rained,... Read more >