Sustainable grass removal in Montalcino

The beginning of 2017 has been distinguished by sunny weather with low temperatures, especially in the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, as of today, we are lacking water.

Since January 1st, we have only seen 60 mm (2.36 inches) of rain fall. This is too little for this time of the year. We haven’t seen snow this year but it would have helped a lot by providing a slow but consistent supply of water tables.  Fortunately and unfortunately, this leads to vintage variability and no two vintages are alike. The hope, as usual, is to have adequate rainfall going forward, as it would be difficult to face the summer months without ample supply of groundwater.

In consideration of our environment, and to remove the grass in a very sustainable manner, we use mechanical means like the one shown in the following video. This machine is equipped with a feeler to avoid damage to the vines.  The feeler feels the presence of the trunk or the beanpole, and works carefully between the vines.

This work is possible because the soil is dry. If it had rained, this and other works would not be possible.


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