Strange Vintage Conditions in Montalcino


Top of Mount Amiata, taken by webcam


Yesterday and the day before testarda it rained, although just a little bit (20 mm/less than an inch). The sky looked very bad but, due to the strong wind blowing, the rain was pushed away from us. On Mount Amiata it snowed again; not too much, but enough to influence the low temperatures. However, lows did not drop below 3°C (37°F). This is a strange vintage so far, as strange as some others we have faced in the past. The major problem is still the lack of water: the streams are dry, the Orcia river is at its summer lowest level and soils and cultivations strongly need water. We wait, hoping for the weekend to be rainy: forecasts say this weekend and the beginning of next week will bring heavy rain.

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