Statement for Brunello regulations to stay intact

Statement for Brunello regulations to stay intact

The winery that my father and I work for, Il Poggione, and six other Brunello producers published this statement on Tuesday. The translation was made by Vino Wire. On Monday, the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino will hold a vote on whether or not to change the “disciplinare” or regulations for production of Brunello. Il Poggione believes that Brunello should be made only from Sangiovese in purity.

On Wednesday, October 15, the signatures of 149 (of 248) members of the Brunello Consortium were presented to the Consortium President. The signatories have requested a meeting of the body to establish once and for all that article 2 of the Brunello di Montalcino appellation regulations must not be changed (article 2 requires 100% Sangiovese). The 149 signatories represent roughly 60% of the votes of Consortium members.

Perhaps for the first time in modern agriculture, and certainly in the world of fine wine, a crowded group of producers — and markedly diversified among them — has united to undersign a document intended to protect their wine and its authenticity.

The facts. The owners of seven estates in Montalcino have become concerned by possible assaults on the appellation regulations for Brunello. Word of such assaults has been denied by authorities by has been confirmed by the evidence of the facts and by their underlying urgency. In the light of the upcoming meeting to be held on October 27, they have united and are working together to gather the signatures of the other producers who, like them, cherish the substance, authenticity, and reputation of their wine.

Nothing of the kind has ever happened before. Historic wineries, indigenous growers, and even business-owners who are not part of Montalcino and its environs, have worked side-by-side to defend Brunello — a true star “made in Italy.” And they have proven successful.

They have gathered 149 signatures of member wineries and 4 non members, representing 59.44% of the producers and 59.61% of the votes. The signatories have undersigned a document intended to demonstrate their will to maintain INTACT the appellation regulations. This document requires the appellation regulations be publicly respected.

Beyond the legal obligation of said document, it is a declaration with profound ethical and moral meaning, in the context of Montalcino and its environs — where the signatories operate — and in support of enthusiasts of Brunello and the land that produces it.

By defending the identity of Brunello di Montalcino, these producers are acting to support all authentic “made in Italy” products. In this moment of global financial straits, these products can help our country if they are supported in deed.

This document was presented to the President of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium, the Mayor of Montalcino, and the Italian Minister of Agriculture on October 15, 2008

Montalcino, October 21, 2008

For more information, contact the sponsors of the petition:

Tenuta Il Greppo – Biondi Santi: +39-0577-848087
Tenuta Il Poggione: +39-0577-844029
Tenuta Col d’Orcia: +39-0577-80891
Fattoria dei Barbi: +39-0577-841111
Tenuta Le Potazzine:+39-0577-846168
Az. Agr. Tiezzi Enzo: +39-0577-848187
Az. Agr. Caprili: +39-0577-848566

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