Again This Year A Capricious Spring

Again, this year, the spring continues to be capricious.

We have rain but it is of weak intensity. The humidity in the morning forces us to treat the vines for peronospora and oidium, two fungal diseases that attack the vineyards in this period.

Powdery mildew treatment
The inclement weather creates or can creates problems also in the flowering of the bunches, which is happening in these days.

Floral abortion
It would be important to have a seasonal progression with little rain, little wind, and more uniform temperatures. But unfortunately, or fortunately, the man cannot do anything with the seasonal progression. He must adapt.

The risk during flowering is that of having floral abortion, which would cause some of the flowers not to have fruit set and the result would be bunches with fewer berries.

But this would make for bunches that were less compact and that would be a good thing.

There is also the risk of having millerandage, with some of the berries smaller than others and thus with deformity in ripening and qualitatively inferior production.

But we will see how it ends up.

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