Spring Has Arrived In Montalcino Finally

Budbreak tuscany 2013
Finally it feels like spring has arrived in Montalcino as well.

The temperatures are rising and today we have had the minimum temperature at 8° C. and the maximum at 18° C. and there are the forecasts of fair weather for at least seven other days.

The vines are opening their buds (see the photo above) and we were are in line with the previous years.

Sangiovese graft
We are grafting over a ten-year-old vine with Sangiovese from the Paganelli vineyard, the oldest "cru" of the Tenuta Il Poggione estate.

We have see that these grapes of this old vineyard give excellent fruit even in less good vintages and we are returning to utilizing the "selezioni massali" (massal selection) instead of clonal selection utilized until a few years ago.

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