First Snow On Mt. Amiata

Fall montalcino snow
On Monte Amiata, the first snow has fallen. The storm that has affected Italy has also arrived on our estate.

Between Saturday and Sunday, 60 mm of rain have fallen, very little with respect to the Tuscany of the north, where it rained much more and where the wind in the zone of Forte dei Marmi has created waves up to 6 meters in height, causing damage to the coast and seaside resorts.

On our estate, we have passed from the temperatures of summer, 14° C. minimum temperatures and 26° maximum (not fall temperatures), to yesterady morning with a minimum of 4° C., much more in line with averages for this period of the year. It is an anomalous climatic progression for our zones but we must become accustomed to it.

The rain in this period is excellent. It allows the springs to replenish themselves. The earth absorbs everything, thus creating a reserve that will be useful in the summer periods.

But we still need much water. The water tables are at a historic lows and so are the lakes in the hills. It will take much more rain to return to normality.

We must remember that the climate takes its course and the hand of man cannot modify to suit our needs. If anything, man changes the climate (owing to atmospheric pollution) for the worse.

The countryside has already taken on its autumn colors (as it can be seen in the photo above). We are already ahead with the picking of the olives. And if the season permits, we will finish in 7-10 days.

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