Snow in Montalcino

Bad weather has hit Italy over the past few days, including Montalcino. In this photo, you can see that nearby Mount Amiata got hit heavily with snow.

02.04.15 Post - Snow on Mt. Amiata
Here in S. Angelo, however, the weather was not so bad; we had rain and just a little bit of snow. This photo shows the snow that fell Monday night between S.Angelo and Montalcino.

03.04.15 Post - Snow in Montalcino
Luckily the temperatures have descended below 0 here, which is very important because in 2014 Montalcino had insect problems due to the mild winter and the rainy summer, causing damage to the harvest. It does mean we will have to bundle, though. This time of year we work in the field, pruning vines and olive trees to make sure that we are ready for spring.

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