Situation Sant’Angelo in Colle, 12 June 2012

New vineyard montalcino brunello

The vineyard, planted in January 2011 by bedding only the American vine rootstock and grafting it in August of the same year utilizing clones of Sangiovese from the Vigna I Paganelli, is now growing rapidly.

This method of working is much more costly than bedding rootstock that has already been grafted. But it allows us to have particuloar clones inasmuch as it is the farmer himself who goes into the vineyard and chooses the vines that will give (in accordance with personal experience matured over years and years of work in the vineyard) the best grapes. Moreover, the growth of the vine is better.

In twenty years from now, we will harvest qualitatively excellent grapes from this vineyard and perhaps, we will be able to create a new cru called "Vigna Il Patrizio", which is the name of a farm house adjacent to the vineyard.

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