Planting New Vineyards At High Altitude Because Of The Climate Change

We are planning to increase the number of hectares planted to Sangiovese so as to have them ready when we will initiate the extirpation of certain vines that are already old, planted in the areas less suitable and which therefore will be substituted in a few years.

When you think about a new planting, you begin with identifying the best soil. Now, since we have seen the climatic change in action, ithe altitude of the vineyard is also important and we, who are to the south of Montalcino, a zone that is notoriously warmer and ventilated, have planted new vines at altitudes of 350-400 meters in the last fifteen years (see the foto of our village Sant'Angelo in Cole as seen from our farm house agriturismo). Then, the choice of the graft (American rootstock resistant to phylloxera) was chosen on the bases of the type of soil (of which we do chemical analysis). Afterwards, we have identified the most suitable clone of Sangiovese.

Sant angelo in colle tuscany

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