SANgiovese in SAN Diego

We are always glad to hear that people enjoy the wines of Il Poggione. Friend of Il Poggione and wine blogger Jeremy Parzen has tasted the 2000 Brunello di Montalcino at the Jayne's Gastropub in San Diego in the California. He is correct to say that our high elevation and the age of our vines is the reason for the wine to be with such good tannic structure and fresh and clean aromas and flavors from a the very warm vintage of the 2000. Another friend of Il Poggione is wine writer Tom Hyland who says to Jeremy: "You are correct that 2000 was not a paticularly special year in that
area, but once again, Il Poggione proves what a great producer is all
about- being able to succeed, even in the not so great vintages". Thanks you, Jeremy and Tom. We are happy that you are understanding the wines of Il Poggione so well. And we are content that SANgiovese is enjoyed so far away in SAN Diego!

San diego 


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