Root Zone Management And Utilization Of Organic Fertilizer

In the vinyeards, we have finished by now all the agricultural operations of this period.

We have worked the earth deeply, in a manner so as to cut the roots closest to the surface and to make the roots go deeper, in a manner so as to make the vine obtain water in the most deep layers of the terrain (note the detail in the photo of the roots).

By doing so, the vines will be better able to surpass hot and dry summers like the one that has just passed.

The works in the vineyard also serve to plough in the organic fertilizer that we have made by using pelletized and dried cow manure.

This product is easy to give because it is sure to be free of antibiotic residue (because the cattle is raised on our estate) and it has no weed seeds. 10 quintals is the quantity we use per hectare. It would take 100 quintals of fresh manure for the same surface area of vineyard.

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