Montalcino Winebars/Restaurants


Albergo Ristorante il Giglio
Via Soccorso Saloni 5
0577 848167

The cafè/winebar at Il Giglio in the center of Montalcino is a favorite destination for wine professionals.

Enoteca La Fortezza
Piazzale Fortezza
53024 Montalcino (SI)
0577 849211

Montalcino’s medieval fortress is now used for what is the wine bar with more bottles of Brunello than any other in the world. A great place for wild boar salami, Tuscan pecorino cheese, and a glass of Rosso or Brunello.

Bagno Vignoni


Osteria del Leone
Località Bagno Vignoni
San Quirico d’Orcia
0577 887300

The Osteria del Leone or Lion’s Tavern is a characteristic rustic Tuscan setting where you can have a Florentine steak and classic Tuscan bread soups. Bagno Vignoni or bath among the vines is a tiny town where a Roman hot springs bath (above) still functions.

Hotel Posta Maruccci
Località Bagno Vignoni
San Quirico d’Orcia
0577 887112

The restaurant at the Hotel Posta Marcucci is one of the area’s finest and the hotel one of the best and most beautiful places to stay while visiting Montalcino and the wine country.

Sant’Angelo in Colle

Trattoria Il Pozzo
Piazza del Pozzo 2
Sant’Angelo in Colle
0577 844015

The Trattoria il Pozzo is named after the well (pozzo) in our hometown of Sant’Angelo. This is one of those places that has remained unchanged and the Florentine steaks here are the best, one of our favorite places to eat.

Il Leccio
Via Costa Castellare 1
Sant’Angelo In Colle
0577 844176

Another one of our favorite restaurants, also in Sant’Angelo. The wine list at Il Leccio is one of the best in our area. Leccio (LEH-choh) means holm oak in Italian and few know that Montalcino is also named after the holm oak or ilex in Latin. Montalcino literally means holm oak mount.