Sant’Angelo Spared From Bad Weather And Rainfall

The inclement weather that struck northern and central Italy on Saturday, with strong rainfall (60 mm in the zone of Grosseto) arrived here in Sant'Angelo only marginally, dropping just 5 mm of water.

By Sunday, the sky was already clear and the weather sunny. And these conditions have continued through today.

The grapes continue to proceed with their slow but continuous ripening.

Healthy sangiovese grapes
In the vineyards, we are pruning again, removing the bunches that are the most behind in their ripening and removing the leaves around the bunches.

This year, when the temperatures rose again, esca widely appeared on many vines which showed symptoms of this disease.

There are no cures and the only remedy, if the disease has not yet attacked the roots of the plant, is that of cutting the vine 20 cm above the ground. By doing so, the vine sprouts buds that will create a new plant which will produce grapes in two years.

In the case that the roots are affected by the disease, the only remedy is to grub up the vine and to replant with a vine that has been grown in a test tube. Obviously, all of the infected materials (trunk, canes, roots) are removed from the vineyard and burned to remove infection and to stop it from propagating.

Esca tuscany vines

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