Rain And Snow Are Good For The Vines Of Montalcino

Snow tuscany
Saturday, February 2, it has begun to rain and over the course of the day, approximately 35-40 mm of rain have fallen.

The soils were already full of water but in these periods, even if it is bothersome, it is however ideal and important because it increases the water reserves that will then be useful for the vines when they need to surpass periods of drought.

While it was raining during the evening on the Mt. Amiata, the temperature has lowered and we have passed from the rain to the snow. In the morning, there were 10 cm of snow on the ground and on the peak of the Mt. Amiata, there was a cap of 150 cm of snow.

A dusting of snow also has been on the Passo del Lume Spento at 621 meters asl, the highest point in Montalcino (see the photo above).

The week has begun in the name of fair weather and so we are continuing the pruning of the vines and other works of this period.

The weather forecasts speak of rain and snow for Thursday, even at lower elevations of 300-400 meters.

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