Light Rains In July Prompt Careful Attention To The Health Of The Grapes

In recent days, storm number 10 in the month of July has arrived also here in Montalcino.

Light rains, fortunately, and nothing comparable to those which have struck the north of Italy.

Obviously, with inclement weather, the temperatures also go down. And this does not help the ripening of the grapes.

The persistent humidity can also provoke attacks of peronospora and oidium and for this reason we are forced to make treatments with copper oxychloride and micronised sulphur.

Moreover, we much pay careful attention to the sanitary state of the bunches, which at the moment are healthy but if the rainy progression continues, they can have problems of botrytis cinerea or rot.

As you can see in the photo (below), veraison is moving forward and many berries have already changed color.

We are hoping for sunny, warm months in August and September to allow for ideal ripening of the grapes.

Brunello harvest 2014

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